Monday, December 20, 2010

Waiting for Dexter Season 6

Yesterday was a very sad day. It was Sunday night...and there was no Dexter. Luckily, it's the Christmas season- but come January, there will be a huge hole in my family's life on Sundays at 9 p.m.

My son introduced us to Dexter during the show's second season. He'd discovered it with a friend during the first season. He had borrowed the Season 1 DVD to watch before the second season started. When I found him watching it, he explained that it was a series about a serial killer- but, he said, it was "more than that." I sat down with him, and was soon hooked. This led us to order Showtime, so that we could watch the subsequent seasons as they unfolded. Sunday nights at 9 p.m., during the 3 months that the new Dexter season airs, finds our family in front of the TV.

When I was a child- my family also spent Sunday nights in front of the TV, but back then we watched 60 Minutes and the Wonderful World of Disney.

At first I thought we were a little warped - until I started sharing our "secret," and finding other families that watched the show together. I guess that our routine wouldn't be suitable for families with young children, but it works for us. I can't wait until Season 6 launches!

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