Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Wrapping Secrets

For the first time since 1990, I have all my Christmas wrapping done before Christmas Eve. Usually, i start after everyone has gone to bed - meaning that I'm too exhausted to enjoy the process...and sometimes too exhausted to enjoy the gift opening in the morning. I am much more relaxed than usually this holiday season, knowing I won't be up until 3 am battling unwieldy rolls of paper, tangled ribbons, and tape that sticks to itself.

If you're still stuck with that chore ahead of you, you may have questions. What type of paper to use? How to make an attractive bow? What do you do with an awkwardly shaped present? Are there things you need to know before you ship a gift? Whatever your issue, Mahalo has a number of Christmas wrapping pages that should help you wrap your gifts like pro in no time!

How to Make a Christmas Bow
How to Gift Wrap a Christmas Present
How To Gift Wrap a T-Shirt
How To Gift Wrap an Odd-Shaped Present
How to Tie a Bow
How to Make a Bow
How to Wrap Presents
How to Ship Christmas Gifts
How to Make and Decorate a Christmas Bow
Christmas Wrapping Paper

What Makes a Good Mahalo Page?

Working at QC for Mahalo needs more than a good foundation in grammar. Pages are reviewed for grammar and spelling, of course, but that's just the first step. They also need to be aligned with Mahalo's formatting and style conventions, so that- no matter who writes them- they are a consistent part of a whole. Every actor page should have the same basic information, in a uniform order.

However, those are not the most important things a Mahalo QC-er does. Each page should contain accurate information, presented without bias or opinion. It's sometimes difficult for a writer to tell when they are inserting too much of themselves into a page - and it's the Qc-er's job to find and eliminate any well as to teach the writer how to avoid it in the future. Sources need to be checked- to ensure that the information presented is credible. Writing needs to be concise - so filler needs to be removed. And the page also needs to present the most important information about the topic- so that it provides value to the user.

So, a QC-er needs to be have the skills of an English teacher, a journalist with a knowledge of AP Style, experience with Mahalo's formatting and style conventions, an Internet researcher's knowledge of good sources, and the skills of a winning Trivial Pursuit player- to have that little bit of knowledge about everything that allows them to determine when a piece of information just doesn't seem to fit and warrants further evaluation.

Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas cupcakes are a fast and easy way to decorate baked goods for the holidays. Mahalo's page on Christmas Cupcakes gives a number of ideas for these seasonal treats, including decorating them to resemble "fun-loving Christmas characters" or glittery Christmas trimmings. Mahalo also suggests baking cupcakes in the shape of Christmas trees, or arranging them to create a 2 D snowman, or stacking them to create a 3D Christmas tree, using a cupcake tower.

While some decorated Christmas cupcakes (such as snowmen or snowballs) can be used all winter long, specifically Christmas themed ones can be used to decorate a dessert buffet, brought to a school holiday party, or given as a hostess gift when you attend a Christmas party. Mini-cupcakes make a sweet bite sized finger food, that can be eaten without much of a mess.

Some other ideas from Mahalo include using a "round, red lollipop with the stem trimmed down" to form Rudolph's nose, stacking marshmallows on top of a frosted cupcake for a snowman, using sprinkles or colored sugar to make Christmas ornament designs on cupcakes, or topping the cupcake with an upside down ice cream cone that's covered in green frosting to make a Christmas tree.

Tron Legacy

My taste in movies generally runs to the serious- I prefer movies that make me cry, or think deeply, to those that make me laugh. I am also very sensitive to motion sickness- avoiding anything that can upset my equilibrium.

Last week my son suggested that, while he sisters were home from college, we all go see a movie as a family. I said sure - thinking a movie sounded like a great idea. He then revealed that the object of the expedition would be Tron Legacy, in IMAX 3 D. (The last IMAX movie I went to was as a field trip chaperone- and I didn't have to worry about feeling sick while watching it, as I spent all my time trying to prevent the 12 year old boys from creeping out of their seats during the film.)

I was pleasantly surprised. The film was better than I expected - although the storylinbe was weak. The special effects were great - particularly the "reverse" aging used on Jeff bridges so her could portray himself as both 30 something Clu and Kevin Flynn as well as 60-ish Kevin Flynn. And the IMAX didn't make me nauseous.

Mahalo's Christmas Music

If you're a guitar player, and are looking to expand your holiday repetoire, Mahalo can help. Mahalo's Guitar category includes many learn to play pages. Each page includes a video tutorial, and text with helpful tips.

* Christmas Guitar Tabs
* How to Play 12 Days of Christmas on Guitar
* How to Play Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley on Guitar
* How to Play Feliz Navidad on Guitar
* How to Play Frosty The Snowman on Guitar
* How to Play Hark The Herald Angels Sing on Guitar
* How to Play Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on Guitar
* How to Play It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas on Guitar
* How to Play It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year on Guitar
* How to Play Jingle Bell Rock on Guitar
* How to Play Jingle Bells on Guitar
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* How to Play Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart) on Guitar
* How to Play Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! on Guitar
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* How to Play Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on Guitar
* How to Play Santa Baby on Guitar
* How to Play Santa Claus is Coming to Town on Guitar
* How to Play Silent Night on Guitar
* How to Play Silver Bells on Guitar
* How to Play Sleigh Ride on Guitar
* How to Play We Wish You A Merry Christmas on Guitar
* How to Play Welcome to The Jungle by Guns N Roses on Guitar
* How to play What I Got by Sublime On Guitar
* How to Play What's My Name by Rihanna Ft. Drake on Guitar
* How to Play White Christmas on Guitar
* How to Play White Shadows by Coldplay on Guitar
* How to Play Winter Wonderland on Guitar
* Learn Christmas Carols on Guitar

Waiting for Dexter Season 6

Yesterday was a very sad day. It was Sunday night...and there was no Dexter. Luckily, it's the Christmas season- but come January, there will be a huge hole in my family's life on Sundays at 9 p.m.

My son introduced us to Dexter during the show's second season. He'd discovered it with a friend during the first season. He had borrowed the Season 1 DVD to watch before the second season started. When I found him watching it, he explained that it was a series about a serial killer- but, he said, it was "more than that." I sat down with him, and was soon hooked. This led us to order Showtime, so that we could watch the subsequent seasons as they unfolded. Sunday nights at 9 p.m., during the 3 months that the new Dexter season airs, finds our family in front of the TV.

When I was a child- my family also spent Sunday nights in front of the TV, but back then we watched 60 Minutes and the Wonderful World of Disney.

At first I thought we were a little warped - until I started sharing our "secret," and finding other families that watched the show together. I guess that our routine wouldn't be suitable for families with young children, but it works for us. I can't wait until Season 6 launches!