Monday, December 20, 2010

Tron Legacy

My taste in movies generally runs to the serious- I prefer movies that make me cry, or think deeply, to those that make me laugh. I am also very sensitive to motion sickness- avoiding anything that can upset my equilibrium.

Last week my son suggested that, while he sisters were home from college, we all go see a movie as a family. I said sure - thinking a movie sounded like a great idea. He then revealed that the object of the expedition would be Tron Legacy, in IMAX 3 D. (The last IMAX movie I went to was as a field trip chaperone- and I didn't have to worry about feeling sick while watching it, as I spent all my time trying to prevent the 12 year old boys from creeping out of their seats during the film.)

I was pleasantly surprised. The film was better than I expected - although the storylinbe was weak. The special effects were great - particularly the "reverse" aging used on Jeff bridges so her could portray himself as both 30 something Clu and Kevin Flynn as well as 60-ish Kevin Flynn. And the IMAX didn't make me nauseous.

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