Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas cupcakes are a fast and easy way to decorate baked goods for the holidays. Mahalo's page on Christmas Cupcakes gives a number of ideas for these seasonal treats, including decorating them to resemble "fun-loving Christmas characters" or glittery Christmas trimmings. Mahalo also suggests baking cupcakes in the shape of Christmas trees, or arranging them to create a 2 D snowman, or stacking them to create a 3D Christmas tree, using a cupcake tower.

While some decorated Christmas cupcakes (such as snowmen or snowballs) can be used all winter long, specifically Christmas themed ones can be used to decorate a dessert buffet, brought to a school holiday party, or given as a hostess gift when you attend a Christmas party. Mini-cupcakes make a sweet bite sized finger food, that can be eaten without much of a mess.

Some other ideas from Mahalo include using a "round, red lollipop with the stem trimmed down" to form Rudolph's nose, stacking marshmallows on top of a frosted cupcake for a snowman, using sprinkles or colored sugar to make Christmas ornament designs on cupcakes, or topping the cupcake with an upside down ice cream cone that's covered in green frosting to make a Christmas tree.

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