Sunday, January 16, 2011

Writing Online

For the first 20 some odd years after college, I worked in corporate America. This provided me with some great experiences- a good income, the opportunity to travel the globe, and work with some awesome people. I was able to balance the corporate balance with small children, thanks to a great daycare support system, and accommodating employers. Several years ago, though, I found myself with school aged kids with lots of activities- and a mother and grandmother who needed support. I left the corporate universe, and became an official member of the sandwich generation.

I tried a few gigs to keep my hand-in -taking on contract finance projects and working in direct sales, and immersed myself in community volunteer work to keep my brain occupied. Three and a half years ago, i answered an add to write search results pages in the "Mahalo Greenhouse." I was instantly hooked- I could write about a wide variety of topics, learn about new things, AND GET PAID FOR IT. Mahalo has changed significantly since 2007 - the first pages were mostly about finding the best links- with short snippets of content. Current pages focus primarily on original content, backed up by authoritative sources. I'm no longer writing, but editing, which brings a whole new skill set to the forefront. Although the income is not was it was in my corporate years, I am now traveling the Internet world, and working with great it's as if I've come full circle.

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