Monday, November 22, 2010

This Week on Mahalo

One of the benefits of working in Quality Control at Mahalo is getting to learn alot about a diverse group of topics.

This week gave me an intense Korean lesson. I learned how to say many things in Korean- including how to say "I'm angry", "I miss you" and "Good luck." Whereas most language lessons teach you the basics you need to go to navigate in society- where's the bathroom? How much is it? Do you speak English? The Mahalo language pages are much more nuanced.

I also have been looking at pages describing the details of Black Friday Sales and deals. I learned that some stores released their Black Friday discounts at the beginning of October- almost two months ahead of Black Friday. Other stores, such as Walmart, keep their deals under wraps until the last minute - increasing the number of Internet searches for those "secret sales."

I'm constantly amazed at the names people come up with for cocktails. While a Texas Tea is obviously a cousin of the Long Island Iced tea-- where did the Old Lay originate? While the Mahalo page doesn't explain the drink's origin, it does explain how to make this variation of the cherry Margarita.

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