Monday, November 22, 2010

The Busiest Travel Day of the Year

Thanksgiving means many things to many people...but unless you have your loved ones close by, Thanksgiving may mean travel. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is known as the busiest day of the year. When many people think of Thanksgiving Travel they think of long lines at the airport. That is especially true this year, as there is talk of a massive "opt out" of full body scans across the U.S., with the goal of causing massive delays as a way of "sending a message" about the new TSA screening procedures. I'm not flying this year, so that won't affect me.

Actually, the only year I did fly, it was to St. Thomas for a very un-traditional Thanksgiving - and travel was not an issue at all.

Most of my Thanksgiving travel has been to probably the most difficult place to drive to to on Thanksgiving - the metropolitan New York area. My route took me down Route 495, to Route 290, to the Massachusetts Turnpike, to Route 84, to Route 95, to the Cross Bronx Expressway, to the Belt Parkway, and finally to the Southern State Parkway. A drive that was normally less than 3 and a half hours could take 8 hours on the day before Thanksgiving. It was worth every minute, though, to spend the time with family!

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