Friday, October 22, 2010

Merging Work and Play

This week, I've been reviewing a number of movie pages in my job as Quality Control manager at Mahalo. Pages about movies, pages about movie trailers, pages about movie reviews. Movies that were released decades ago, current movies, movies that will be released in the future. I scrutinized facts, hunting down obscure facts that the writer hadn't been able to find, checking write-ups for accuracy, reading plot summaries, and locating additional reviews for pages. After having thought about movies all week, I began craving the real thing. I started feeling like a chocolate addict who could only view the Godiva truffles through the window. I needed an actual "movie fix."

It was 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon. As a freelancer, I have some flexibility to my day - and I'd been working since 7 a.m., so felt I was due a break. I checked movie times, and by 3:10 I was heading up route 495 on my way to go see Hereafter. I'd viewed the trailer, and read the reviews, but was still not prepared for the intensity of the tsunami at the beginning of the movie. Teh three separate stories worked well, and I felt the ending was perfect. There are no easy answers in the movie- just a well crafted look at the questions.

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