Thursday, October 29, 2009

Should You Upgrade Vista to Windows 7?

I have 5 computers in my house that have all finally been happily upgraded to Vista. They've been chugging along with no problems- but all the press I've seen indicates that Windows 7 is more intuitive, and might make computing smoother. I'm not sure I'm ready to take the plunge for all of them yet, as I'm concerned about "first round bugs", but I might take the plunge this weekend and install Windows 7 on one of our machines so I can play around with it. I found a step by step instruction guide on Mahalo that covers how to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, and thought I'd share it in case any one else needed some tips and tricks to make their Windows 7 install quick and easy!

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  1. Since I'm a well known I.T. guy (well, to family and friends anyway), I've been presented with questions about your exact concern, Susan.

    I'm not a fan of early adopting new operating systems either.

    What I've been telling people is that Windows 7 really is an upgrade to Windows Vista. It picks up the pieces from Windows Vista.

    So, if you're running Vista, Windows 7 will work better. If you're running XP, it might however be worth waiting.